Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mixing Scarves


If you follow me on instagram @pinklemonincrystal,
you saw this #ootd look already some hours ago.
Today I tried to make an easy but trendy look with mixing two twilly scarves around my double-finger-ring.
My mom taught me this fashionable trick many years ago (that your double ring can work as a scarf ring alternative) and it can create various ways to style up your outfit.
What do you think?
Enjoy the rest of the week!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

App Addiction

Mallzee from Michelle K. Lee on Vimeo.

I just downloaded an app called "Mallzee"  from
It's easy to make your own style feed and kind of like an inspiration board as well.

So basically, if you are looking for a bright pink dress within $50 range,
and you love Zara, H&M, F21, ASOS and etc.
and then select them as such, then the results will show up .

Faster than running around all those shops yourself and spending hours on dressing rooms.

I found these favorite picks from Mallzee. Check out the vid and photos for more

I made my style feed to call it "perfect summer outfit" since I was picturing this cute little dress, flats, wedges, sunnies and all.

I clicked flats, accessories, heels, dresses, and bags accordingly.

For colors, I love them all unique and eyecatchy, so I chose multi, blue, pink, purple, and aqua.

I clicked DKNY, H&M, forever21, Zara and MichaelMichael Kors but the results showed up as
F21, H&M and Zara only I guess it's because of the price and colors I picked.

To make it affordable find, I chose within 300 bucks range.
and here are few of my favorite picks!

I am totally going to DIY this sunnies (major inspo)

always love maxidresses for comfort and trendy look

I spied this on H&M store two days ago and fell in love with this cushiony flatform sandals

perfect festival item

DIY Fashion DYE
do you use Mallzee as well?
Feel free to give me advice or share with me your thoughts on this app :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

one espresso only

feel free to share with me your favorite coffee menu or your own recipe
I want to try something new
but as of right now, I have to stick with the hot-water-and-tea-only-plan 24/7



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